I have done no wrong.

I have not robbed.

I have not acted with violence.

I have not killed.

I have not caused pain.

I have not desecrated holy places.

I have not lied.

I have not wasted food.

I have not spoken evil.

I have not committed sodomy.

I have not caused the shedding of tears.

I have not sown seeds of regret.

I have not been an aggressor.

I have not acted guilefully.

I have not laid waste the ploughed land.

I have not entered into a conspiracy.

I did not bear false witness.

I have not been wrathful or angry except for just cause.

I have not committed adultery.

I have not polluted myself.

I have not caused terror.

I have not spoken in anger.

I have not turned from words of right and truth.

I have not uttered curses except against evil.

I have not initiated a quarrel.

I have not been excitable or contentious.

I have not prejudiced.

I have not been an eavesdropper.

I have not spoken overmuch.

I have not committed treason against my ancestors.

I have not wasted water.

I have not done evil.

I have not been arrogant.

I have not blasphemed the on most high.

I have not committed fraud.

I have not defrauded temple offerings.

I have not plundered the dead.

I have not mistreated children.

I have not mistreated animals.


These 42 Declarations of Innocence were the aspiration of the Kemetic people to live and die by. To live by them meant happiness, peace and success. To die by them meant to successfully traverse the Duat and the ‘Hall of Maati’ and the Weighing of the Heart. Each [declaration] was to be spoken by the deceased and their souls’ intent and success in fulfilling it was measured by a host of deities [42 assessors]."


The declarations of innocence were the foundation of the Kemites’ ability and willingness to evaluate behaviour, the emotional state and moral strength of the individual. Each statement held with it a particular ethic.... The roots of a Maatian culture are resident in us and have yet to be unlocked in our cellular memory."


Ina Ma Wase, Gbonde. MAAT: The American ~African Path of Sankofa. Mbadu Publishing, Colorado, 1998. P. 6, 61.


ARF EDITORAL COMMENTS: Maat is the standard measure of supreme excellence to which all the gods, goddesses, Divine Kings and Queens stood or sat upon to show that they were just sovereigns. It must also be noted that the 10 Commandments given by Moses in the Bible were taken from the 42 Innocent Declarations of Maat. These declarations can be recited today by those who want to live life consciously and righteously based on the righteous path of Maat.

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