Affirmations are spiritual treatments to guide the mind and direct the spirit. Repeated daily they carve a synchronized groove in the mind which leads the spirit into harmony with each thought form. Each morning on awaking speak the affirmations of the day, in a low whisper, to yourself, then sit or lie still for a few minutes, reflecting on what the words mean to you. Repeat your affirmations throughout the day, especially on rising and before going to sleep, with deep faith and conviction that all your words are true. With consistent repetition you will witness positive changes within yourself, your circumstances, those around you and your environment. We have chosen the term Most High for our Mother-Father Creator, (.................), insert whatever name you choose to Call the Divine Creator of the Universe. As you believe so it shall be done.


DAY 1:  Today I am born anew, today I shed my old skin and am born into the new releasing all fear, anger, frustration, pain and disappointments from my life. For I know I am a child of God and God is in control of all my affairs. I give thanks to the Most High for this new day and my new life.


DAY 2: I am a child (son/daughter) of The Most High God, made in His-Her image, a divine representative of God for good on planet earth.


DAY 3: All the good that I desire is now mine for the asking, what I need to make my life complete right now is_____(fill in the blank)_____. Amen.


 DAY 4: Today I affirm my personal success and perfect life. (Define what this means for yourself).


DAY 5: With every breath I take and each step I make I am aligning my being with the power of the Most High God to fulfil my divine destiny to be the best I can be in all I do.


DAY 6: The God within me says, “Yes I can achieve anything I focus my mind to achieve.


DAY 7: I will have victory over any and all obstacles in my path for God’s goodness and mercy follows me all the days of my life; and victory is mine.


DAY 8: Every day and in every way I am getting better and better.


DAY 9: I am a sacred vessel of the Most High and honour my body temple as Sacred. There is no edifice of brick and mortar more Sacred than My body.  I AM THAT.


DAY 10: My entire life is one great prayer to the Most High, all my thoughts, words, and deeds are dedicated to the One Most High.


DAY 11: I am striving to be kind, loving and patient to all I meet and greet today.


DAY 12: Today I will serve all those in need of my service with joy, doing unto others as I would want them to do unto me.


DAY 13: I master my destiny by each thought that I think. Today I have only thoughts of my ultimate success and abundance; all I do is blessed by the One Most High.


DAY 14: I welcome this new day with an open mind and spirit, knowing only God’s good is coming my way.


DAY 15: No one can block me from my blessings for only goodness flows from me through me and to me.


DAY 16: I have all that I need and most of what I want.


*DAY 17: Today my prayer is for a strong body and sound mind to continue to do the good works of the Most High.


DAY 18:  I am God’s radiant light, giving love, joy, peace and goodwill to everyone I meet.


DAY 19: Today I affirm my divinity and my deep connection with the Most High to realize all my dreams and desires, knowing the goodness I am seeking is also seeking me.


DAY 20: I am the perfect reflection of divine love, peace and prosperity and nothing can come between me and my Divine Destiny.


DAY 21: Today I reflect deeply inward to know the truth that “God is Love” and to be the Love of God.


DAY 22: I rejoice for all the blessings I am experiencing in my life, Thank You God for blessing my life abundantly.


DAY 23: Today I testify that God has truly been good to me. I walk in God’s good grace.


DAY 24: My life is God’s life and all is go(o)d in my life.


DAY 25: I maintain my poise in perfect peace when all else seems chaotic around me. I am internally at peace with myself.


DAY 26: Through the noise and clamour, I always take time to find repose within the stillness of my mind, knowing I am divine and one with my creator.


DAY 27: I am happy healthy and whole mind body and soul.


DAY 28: No one can stop me or deter me from my destiny. It is to be, because it is what I was born to be. (State your life purpose/destiny).


*DAY 29: The Most High is My Life, My Breath, My Blood, My Heart, My Sight, My Hearing, My Voice...; these are all the Life of God within me. I am so grateful for God’s life in me.




Goddess  Auseti

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