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The Khemetic Religion/Mysteries

There is no religion on planet earth

that surpasses the Khemetian Way;

the origin of religions.

Afrikans need their original religion

for evolution to


Central to the mission of this Afrikan Rebirth is the promotion of Godman Consciousness on to God Consciousness - the driving force of KamAu – the Black Godman – as our Khemetian Ancestors knew themselves – the spirituality of the Mystery Religion which our Ancient Khemetian Ancestors gave to the world. At the heart of the Ancient Mystery Religion was the psycho-spiritual system of development (initiations) of evolving human beings to become God-like.


“Metaphorically, religion is to spiritually as a bucket is to a well.

 Religion is an instrument or vessel that allows a person to access the source of life,

but it is not the source.

Many messengers not only guided their followers to the wellspring of life,

they also taught them that that source flows from within.

Each person was deemed a vessel through which spirit flows.

The degree of spirit that a person was able to access

was determined by one’s thoughts and deeds.

When a person’s thoughts were balanced and in harmony with their actions,

blessings would flow in abundance

and they would achieve health, happiness, and prosperity.”



Anthony Browder: From the Browder File Vol. II

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