truth can

be used as

a foundation for

a mountain of lies,

and if we dig down deep

enough in the mountain of lies,

and bring out that truth, to set it

on top of the mountain of lies; the entire

mountain of lies will crumble under the weight of

that one truth, and there is nothing more devastating to a

structure of lies than the revelation of the truth upon which

the structure of lies was built, because the shock waves of

the revelation of the truth reverberate, and continue to

reverberate throughout the Earth for generations to

follow, awakening even those

people who had no

desire to be


to the


Delamer Duverus



It may have been a Million years ago

The Light was kindled in the Old Dark Land

With which the illumined Scrolls are all aglow,

That Egypt gave us with her mummied hand:

This was the secret of that subtle smile

Inscrutable upon the Sphinx’s face,

Now told from sea to sea, from isle to isle;

The revelation of the Old Dark Race;

This was the wisdom of the Bee and Bird,

The ancient darkness spake with Egypt’s Word;

Ant, Tortoise, Beaver, working human-wise;

Here was the primal message of the skies:

The Heavens are telling nightly of her glory,

And for all time Earth echoes her great story.





War Horn (Akoben)

Listen to the horns
The war horns calling,                                                                                                                                               Calling the people to battle
Calling the people
To the Gods of our Ancestors
Calling the people to Afrikan Gods
Calling the people to Amma, Olodumare, Ausar, Auset
Calling our image makers:
Romeare Bearden, Elizabeth Catlett
To mount scaffold and like the Netcher (God) Shu,
Raise again heaven
Afrikan female form
To its rightful place in the ceilings of our holy places
Calling, calling the people to arms
With brushes and paint to spray
Their stained-glass churches
With new images of self
New images of divinity
No minstrel god
No white god in black face

Calling, calling the people to Afrikan theology
Past imitation and cooptation
Past the seductive attraction of
Bibles, Korans, and robes covered and draped
With kente cloth
Calling the people to Afrikan spirituality
To Ancestor Communion
Calling the people to the mortuary meal
To the funeral supper
To break bread with the body-soul
In spiritual unity
Break the chains from the drums
And let them speak again!
Let them beat
In the dance of joy and resurrection)

Listen to the horns!
Calling, calling the people
To worship at our sacred places
Calling the people to Abydos
To Ile-Ife

Calling the people back across
The Isthmus of Suez,
The Bering Strait,
To the Great Lakes,
To the first cemetery
Where Kamoya Kimeu
Walked and exhumed our Ancestors
For Leakey and European science

Calling, calling the children away from chimneys
Red stockings and European mythology
Calling the children to build for us
What elves and white helpers will not
Calling the children
Calling the people to Kwanzaa, to Cropover, to Junkanoo

Calling the people to Afrikan wisdom
Calling our black smiths
Calling Philip Simmons
To design new quotation marks
Of reverence
New MDW NETCHER (hieroglyphs)
Of steel
Burn them on our chests,
Hang them in the sky
Around our proverbs and sacred writings
Around the Book of Coming Forth by Day
Around the teachings of Ptah-Hotep
Fanon, Terence Afer, Roberson, Fannie Lou
Grandma and grandpa

And let the moon be a PERIOD in the heavens
Closed quotes

Listen to the horns
Calling, calling the people

Listervelt Middleton




In recent times there has been many

statements on the Jewish holocaust

position of the Roman Catholic church.

Indeed the trauma following the tragic death

of princess Diana, the Ghanaian Times of 3rd

October, 1997 published a news item

Headed “The Pope Speaks His Mind on the

Jewish Holocaust Victims”.

However very few people paid attention to the news because

Lady Diana’s death was everywhere on

everybody’s minds and lips.

The Times reported that the Catholic Church

in France and the Jewish people

for pardon for the silence of its leaders when

76,000 Jews were deported from France to

Nazi death camps during the 2nd world war.

The Times further reported that during a visit

To France in August last year the Pope was

Said to have praised the Bishop of France for

taking that bold decision. I say bravo! Pope

John Paul, but who speaks for Africa

Who speaks for Africa?


Who apologies for the crimes

Against Africa

When Europe carried away

Our young and able bodied men

And women

Across the Atlantic to build their

Countries for them

Who speaks for Africa?


Who speaks for Africa?

When our gold and wealth was

Pillaged to build Europe?

Who speaks for Africa?


Who speaks for Africa?

When Europe met and shared

Africa like a piece of cake

Among themselves

Who speaks for Africa?


Who speaks for Africa?

When European’s not only systematically

Tried to exterminate us,

But also tried to wipe out

Our history, knowledge, culture

And heritage

Who speaks for Africa?

Is the Vatican listening?

Are you there?

Can you hear me?


Or do you (Mr. Pope) say you find it fit

To aphorize because you grew up

During the war

What about the Catholic Church?

Was it not existent when those

Crimes were being committed against



Was it not the religion of the people

Who perpetuated those crimes

Against humanity?

Is the church not part

Of the family of Christians

Who brought us the bible

In one hand

And the gun in the other

Seems to me that nobody owes

Africa an apology

Because in the case of Africa it was

The whole of Europe

That mistreated Africa.

But in the case of the Jews,

It was a demented individual (Hitler)

And followers who killed the Jews

Does somebody apologize?

I always thought that

What was good for the goose

Was equally good for the gander.


What a fitting name they have

For the crimes against the Jews,

The “Jewish Holocaust” they call it

What about “Africa Holocaust”

Africans are looking forward

To hear the Vatican talk about the

African holocaust.

That is if it will change anything at all

Because that ignominious history of


Will never be wiped away…

Will never be forgotten

And if it was not enough for them,

They continue to rape us some more

In diverse ways today with ERP, SAP,


Poor Africa! Who will speak for us.


Oh mother Africa, who will tell your


Like they are telling that of Jews?

And who will listen?

Who will right about the African


And make films like “Escape from


To show the world how your children

Suffered and continue to suffer

And will somebody bring them to book

As they did and are doing to the Nazi’s

For their crimes against humanity

Who will send back some of the gold

They looted from you

As they are doing to the Jews

Who will and will they?

Who will set up a fund for

The victims of the African holocaust

“African Holocaust”.


What a welcome relief it would be

For Mama Africa

For you shall be relieved of your

Debts from crippling loans

Your children shall be rid of poverty

Malnutrition, lack of education,

Food, clothing and shelter

They shall lack no medical facilities

And they shall be free

Of civil wars and street children

And you shall suffer

No more for child labor.

This day this happens we shall sing:

Obumankoma, Obumankoma,

Obumankoma, odapegyan

Oson nekyer nnye aboa”


God bless you mother Africa.

You will rise again one day.

For your time is coming.

Look over the horizon.

It is not for nothing

That your children are spread all over

The globe

It is for your future and eventual rise.

You will rise again.


History tells me it repeats itself

Be not deceived. It is a cycle

Spiritual teachings inform me

That there are the laws of karma

Or law of retribution

Physics or is it chemistry taught me

The law of action and reaction

And though I cannot remember

Where I learnt the law of cause and effect

I think it exists.

And it works.

Does it not?

So you would ask me,

Why all these laws?


Well, far from been labeled

A prophet of doom

Nor a racist

Nor vindictive,

All I am trying to say is that,

The tables will turn one day.

And history will repeat itself.

As long as there is racial Karma

And notional karma

And all the karmas you know.

One day, two thousand years hence

Five hundred, two hundred years hence

History will repeat itself.


Recall the Punic Wars of 260, 241 and 216 BC?

Between Rome and Carthage

When triumphed over Hannibal?

Later Hannibal and Compatriots

Re-incarnated in Land-Lock Prussia

And the Romans as mistress

Of the British Islands

Ruling the seas.

In time, the hatred generated

By Hannibal’s defeat re-surfaced

With dire consequences for mankind.


Therefore I am not being

A prophet of doom,

But only re-echoing what

The divine laws state

What the laws of Karma say,

And the world will need

A re-incarnated Nelson Mandela,

To avert another catastrophe

The world will surely need

A Nelson Mandela who knows

How to forgive and reconcile.

Who knows no color difference?

And a Mandela who says

All blood is red

Be it from red, white

Yellow or black skin

Yes this is the only way

The world can be saved

From another holocaust

We must therefore learn

To remove hatred and show kindness

Even to the vanquished foe.


Mother Africa, be consoled at least,

That your sons and daughter

Have begun to speak for you

Through “PANAFEST”


But I shall be happier.

If the Vatican were listening

And those our so-called friends

In high society and high places,

Are they listening too?

Not just listening to please us

And to say and do different things

When our backs are turned

Because that has been our tragedy

And why our suffering never ceases.


You will arise again Mother Africa.

And when you do

You must learn to forgive.

And to reconcile

Like Nelson Mandela of “Africa.

But there is a lesson

To be learnt from Nelson by our friends

Who brought us the Bible and

Their religion and their God

Who have alas, forgotten to

Forgive and reconcile?

They are still hunting and chasing

Nazi war criminals, you know.

Africa you will forgive one day

When you rise again

For Nelson who has

Attained this consciousness

And who no longer belong

To Africa but to the world

Has lit the torch

And shown the way

Africa you will arise again.






It is said that you shall know the truth

And the truth shall set you free.

And what is truth?

Can you handle the truth?

Can you?

The truth is what you think, say and do.

When conscious you will know

That the truth is in you

Or the truth is you.

For the truth lives in you

It is you living in you,

As your higher Self

The other you, is your lower self 

Your higher Self lives in your lower self.

Your lower self is matter

Your higher Self is spirit

So you are spirit in matter

It is said God enters whatever It creates

Your body is the true temple of God

Thus the God in you is your higher Self.

That higher Self is your true self the KRST. 

It is the KRST-God continuum

But the lower self,

What is the lower self?

It is your body and mind,

The body-mind Ego

It is the false self

The lower self knows not the higher Self.

When the lower self knows the higher Self

That is consciousness.

That is God consciousness

KRST Consciousness

And that is salvation.

So who is the savior then?

Lower self or higher Self?

If when the lower self knows

The higher Self brings salvation

Then lower self saves higher Self,

So that is true salvation.

When Conscious transformation

Crucifies the mortal lower self

The immortal higher Self resurrects

Into Godhood

When you know, belief is not necessary

Know only you can save yourself.

Through KRST consciousness

This is the Secret

Hidden throughout the ages

And is now revealed

Oh you immortal true Selves

With love

Salute the KRST in one another.


Ausar Jnani




We’ve come a long way,

Too far to turn back now

And some of us have come from far, far away

As we’ve been scattered throughout the earth

We’ve come too far to forget

From whence we’ve come


We mustn’t be afraid to fight,

For what is right

Check history, we’ve always had to fight

To defend our land, our black lives

Ever since the Arab and European

Invaders came in among us


Tis the 8th wonder of the world

That we have survived at all

Many did not survive you know

And now our cultural and spiritual

Roots are at stake

As Afrakan tradition becomes

A thing of the past


Ancestral ways made fetish

Ashamed to carry our own Afrakan names

There is no more drumming in the cities

And Afrakans don’t dance…

No, not like they used to in ritual

Sshhhh! Girl hush your mouth

Lest you be banned from the city

Shrines abandoned, festivals

Under attack by the church

Histories forgotten

What happen to our Afrakan

Mother/Father Creators

Who looked like us?


When people have no vision they perish

Our seers and visionaries seemed

To have all perished

Right before our very eyes

And no one sees to care

About Afraka any more

Except a chosen few



What has happened to us?

And what will become of our future?

The past has brought us present

What will we carry beyond?

We live on through our children

We cannot forget that.

Look deep into the eyes of our children

For they are us and we them

And more important still,

They are our children

And if we don’t provide,

Protect and prepare them

Then who will?


They’ve all suckled from mami’s breast

And have become inheritors of our

Mess…over 500 years of it

Where our fore parents have not

Ruled in their own lands

Or governed their own affairs,

Without foreign interference


Just look what we’re passing on

From generation to generation

Doing the same things,

Yet expecting new results

It won’t happen; it is time

That we tried something new


Look into the eyes, the hearts,

The souls of our children

For they have inner knowing and are

Headed in the right direction

Seeking self-knowledge,

Going back to nature,


Their hair, the fibers on their backs

Choosing not to kill to eat

Back to their true natures

Of which they are made

In the likeness of gods and goddesses

Wanting to till the land to feed

Themselves and the nations

And there was no man to till the soil

Let us make sure that our children

Have some land; they can till.




It is written that in the last days

Wisdom would speak through

The mouths of babes

And that truth would be so plain

That even the blind could see

Open your eyes Mama and Baba Afraka

And let us seek to teach the children truth


And if you don’t know the truth to teach

Sit down, shut up and allow

The children to teach you truth

There is no harm in that; there is

A resurgence of truth in the land

And our children must know the truth

And are actively seeking it

The bible says they shall know the truth

And that the truth shall set them free


Our children must know

Their true history

They need to know that we are

The true chosen children

Beloved of the gods

And that it is time for all

God’s good children

To come together


As we are so obliged to do

Karmically, cosmically and consciously

Duty bound to do.

To assist in our own evolution

We must open our hearts and minds

To what is stirring

In the souls of our children

Let us listen to what is it they have to say?

As they are the voices of our future

So let us all work hard to unite,

For our divine destiny is




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