The Afrikan Renaissance Foundation is happy to welcome you to our New Website as we have so much information to share about Afrika’s greatness, past, present and future. We are delighted to help you navigate through the bouquet of contents. We encourage you to visit the tab ABOUT US where you will discover how we came into being in our PREAMBLE, followed by our AIMS, our VISIONand our MISSION. If you are still curious about us you can check out FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) where you will find more. Do see our LOGO for its full symbolic significance.

You will discover for yourself our Patron Neteru (Divinities) TEHUTI & MAAT when you open the tab on KHEMETOLOGY (Afrikan Classics). These Khemetic Divinities are the chosen divine principles of the Afrikan Renaissance Foundation as they represent Supreme Knowledge and Truth, the highest standards to guide all human endeavours.  Also included in this tab you will find ARF’s Introduction to KHEMETOLOGY, as well as, a Feature Essay on WHY EGYPTMATTERS. Lastly you will find a very revealing Portrait on OUR LADY, THE BLACK MADDONA.This one you must not miss.

When you come to OURSTORY you will find HISTORICAL AFRIKANS OF ANTIQUITYlike the multi-genius Imhotep the world’s first medical doctor.  When you click on GREAT AFRIKAN THINKERS you will encounter our modern day Imhotep, the late great Cheik Anta Diop, the founding father of our reclamation that the Ancient Khemetic (Egyptian) Civilization was Afrikan. When you click on HIS-STORY REVEALED you'll find those few European writemakers that revealed the truth about Afrikan Contribution to World Civilization. Inside BLACK FACTS you will  discoveries beyond your imagination in DID YOU KNOW as well as a fascinating article relating to AFRIKANS AND THE BIBLE. Then you will make some amazing discoveries of MASTER INVENTORS who created many of the world’s technologies, both old and modern.

Under the Tab KALEIDOSCOPEis a vast array of knowledge and information from various sources that

we at ARF believe are extremely vital, i.e., pertinent to the Afrikan Worlds development. The MELANIN

FACTOR contains amazing factual information about melanin which is that special bio-chemical that gives us Afrikans our distinctive black hues, making us the 1st people to populate planet earth. The

information under the tab BLACKS’ HAIR is what all “Wooly” haired Afrikans should know and teach

their children.

You will certainly enjoy our BLACK BOOK SHELF where you will find THE ARF


where you will get glimpses through BOOK REVIEWS into some of the most scholarly works of

Afrika’s most brilliant minds. Do visit ARF’S E-BOOK LIBRARY which makes available books that

may be hard to get your hands on. You can  download  3 FREE: E-BOOKS: George G.M. James'


complied by Maulana Karenga.  The AFRIKAN RENAISSANCE FOUNDATION ESSAYSwill always

enlighten your mind with reflections  on topical issues. ("THE AFRIKAN PROBLEM: THEY LOST

THEIR HISTORY"). In addition the SPECIAL FEATURE ESSAYSwill get to the heart of matters,

clarifing issues, i.e. SHAKARI ON EDUCATION.

SPIRITUALITY: when you click here you will find words of wisdom to feed the soul and nourish the

mind, including practical spiritual exercises to help one balance body, mind & spirit. Below each of all of

the above, you will find ARF's EDITORIAL COMMENTS. Do not overlook the tit-bits found

throughout the various pages.  

       The Afrikan Renaissance Foundation is inviting you to get involved and join us in our various programmes. Click on PROGRAMMES to see exactly what we are doing. Our first educational initiative is THE AFRIKAN RENAISSANCE CLUB(s) in Ghana W. Africa.  Keep your eyes posted on ARF EVENTS for upcoming happenings sponsored by the Foundation. We have some exciting plans so don’t forget to check out this Tab periodically for updates. The NEXUS will lead you to other websites that are complementary to ARF’s aims & objectives. We are pleased to be able to link you to other powerful

Afrikan centred organizations and institutions that are endeavouring to broaden the scope and content of

our knowledge base.  Click on NEXUS' X  for articles on the Global Afrikan Prresence as compiled by our

Renowned Baba, Dr. Ronoko Rashidi, a true Pan-Afrakanist and Historian Extraordinaire. The tab

CONTRIBUTORS' CORNER is reserved for those who would like to feature articles, essays, or other pertinent information that the Afrikan World needs to know. Your comments, suggestions and critiques may also be featured here. Do not forget to visit ARF NOTICE BOARD where you will find announcements, current events, on-going and future activities.

The HONOURS & ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSis giving honour to whom honour is due; all those remarkable giants upon whose shoulders we stand, many who have passed on, and whose great works have been sources of inspirations to us and references used in ARF’s Work. May their good names live on. Added, please find the SOURCE REFERENCES that helped to produce this Website which should also be sourced as recommended reading. Please do not neglect to read FINAL WORDS by the late great Dr. John Henrik Clarke.

ARF is offering Free MEMBERSHIP; click here and join us in championing the cause of fighting ignorance and restoring dignity to the Global Afrikan Family. Tell us what you think; feel free to write your ceomments and suggestions. CONTACT US at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   &  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We have recently enhanced the ARF website with NEW TABS & Updates for MORE KNOWLEDGE. We’ve

added the following NEW TABS:


Under OUR STORY see Freedom Fighters featuring excerpts from Marcus Mosiah Garvey. Under HIS

STORY see Champollion and the Rosetta Stone, deciphering Khemetic Hieroglyphs. Under

KALEIDOSCOPE see Deceptions and a testimony by Dr. Ray Hagins “Messed Up by Religion.” Under

BLACK FACTS see 100 Facts About Afrikafrom “When We Ruled” by Robin Walker. We have also added a

POETS CORNER where you are welcomed to submit your own works or your favorite pieces.


To many of the existing articles we have added supplementary articles for MORE KNOWLEDGE. See

MELANINE for an extract from Prof. Marimba Ani’s classic work “Yurugu”. Click on Our Lady under OUR

STORY to read Prof. John G. Jacksons “Is Jesus a Negro” [Black man]. Also click Did You Know?

Under BLACK FACTS for another potent article by Prof. Jackson entitled “Black the Color of Gods”. For

more knowledge on black inventors see Master Inventors, then go to STOLEN LEGACY to read more

about “Egypt’s [Khemet’s] Contributions to Greek Philosophy” by Dr. Theophile Obenga. Do check out

the outstanding speech under the tab CONTRIBUTOR’S CORNER by a youth leader from Zimbabwe

Commemorating the Sharpeville Massacre 2012. In addition, keep your eyes open for the upcoming NEW


Additional information