The Symbolic Meaning of The Afrikan Renaissance Foundation Logo




The Logo of the Afrikan Renaissance Foundation depicts the Rich Fertile Continent of Afrika, " Land of the Blacks”, embedded in an almost hidden Diamond Symbolizing Afrika’s Grand Wealth which is virtually hidden to its people. This diamond is composed of Two Pyramids, upward and inversed representing the KhemeticAxiom: As Above, So Below; and is symbolic of the Masculine  and Feminine Principles governing the Universe. The tips of both pyramids contain the Sacred Symbols (hieroglyphs) of the Afrikan Renaissance Foundation’s  Patron Neteru,  (God/Goddess) Tehuti and Maat. At the top apex is the All   Seeing  Eye of Tehuti, Symbolizing Omniscience, the  Divine Wisdom and Knowledge of God. In human terms the All Seeing Eye represents Illumination and Enlightment and the Spiritual Vision within. At the bottom tip is the Feather of Maat, symbolic of the heart, One’s Consciousness, being as light (pure) as a feather.  Maat  represents  the  Principles of  Divine Order, Truth, Justice, Balance,  Harmony and Reciprocity, the keys to Human Perfection . Prominent in the centre of the Continent is the Khemetic Ankh, The World’s First Spiritual Symbol representing Eternal Life and the Union of the Male and Female and the resultant creation, New Life, which reflects ARF’s  Emphasis on Ancient Khemet’s Importance to World Civilizations and the 21st Century Afrikan Renaissance. The colour scheme, black, red, gold and green, were used on the Wall Paintings in Ancient Khemet and here represent Afrika’s National and Pan Afrikan Objectives.  The blue & green represent the heavens and the earth, the two most Predominant Colours.  The backdrop of the logo’s central design is The Globe which reflects Afrikan Renaissance Foundation’s International Objective of Sharing Knowledge with Afrikan Peoples Where Ever They May Be In The World.  




For more on Afrikan Renaissance Foundation’s Patron Neteru, Tehuti & Maat  Go To KHEMETOLOGY. 






Artistic Designer: Baba Aswada

Graphic Design Artist: Prince Sanders

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