“Education must become a top priority within The African World. We must understand that education is too important to The Liberation and Survival of The African World for us to take it lightly. Therefore, we must take the education of ourselves and our children into our own hands by developing educational institutions and teaching methodologies that will facilitate maximum learning in the most time and cost effective manner possible."



"Even before we can successfully develop our own educational institutions and teaching methodologies, our first task must be to distinguish and separate Cultural Education from Technical Education, and then to understand the respective roles that each of them plays in the overall educational development of ourselves and our children.

Cultural Education teaches us Values (how to perceive life), while Technical Education teaches us Skills (how to perform tasks). Cultural Education must be taught to us exclusively by us, while Technical Education can be taught to us by anyone.

It is extremely important that these two forms of education be kept separate, for each of them serves a separate purpose in the overall educational development of Our People. Cultural Education or Values serve as guidelines upon which we base our thoughts and actions, while Technical Education or Skills serve as techniques by which we accomplish given tasks or goals.

African People must gain exclusive control over the Cultural Education of ourselves and our children, for we hold the exclusive right and responsibility to determine our own values. In essence, we must gain exclusive control over determining our own interests and priorities as A People, and defining for ourselves their degree of importance and worth.

On the other hand, we must realize that Technical Education can come  from any source, and need not necessarily be under our exclusive control for us to benefit from it (until we can establish our own). Clearly, there are many nations in the world that have developed certain areas of knowledge and skill that would be useful to our attainment of modernization, and therefore we must vigorously seek to acquire this Technical Education from whichever of these nations that will give us the necessary knowledge and skills to modernize Our Own Nation (beginning with Our African Homeland)

Again, Education is crucial to both Our Liberation and Survival, for knowledge is critically important to every aspect of our lives ranging from determining our standard of living to determining our ability to effectively defend ourselves.

It is clear that we must make the cultivation and protection of the minds of Our Children our number one priority, for by cultivating and protecting them we are, in reality, cultivating and protecting Our Future, for Our Children are Our Future.

The future belongs to those who are prepared, therefore we must broaden Our Knowledge and Skill Base tremendously as A People if we are to secure our future and achieve international parity with the developed nations of the world, which means that we must embark upon a program of Massive Education and Modernization throughout The African World."

Shakari, A. Batu, Tribalism, Mysticism, Primitivism and The Rise of Genocide Against The African World. Shakari Publications, Chicago, 1991. P. 87-89.


EDITORAL COMMENTS: Shakari’s point on cultural education is extremely relevant to Afrika. The problem of Afrika since the dawn of colonization to the present era of post-independence is that the educated or developed African turns into a European or Arab and losses his/her Afrikaness; and this forms the psychological barrier to our development, because our leaders are psychologically and culturally not Afrikan. You can even conclude from the names of most of them.

“How can leadership point the way forward being utterly ignorant of its past”

 Drussila Dunjee Huston


“As the iniquities of the fathers

shall be visited onto the children

to third and fourth generations”

(Deut. 5:9)

“So also the ignorance of parents

shall be transmitted

onto the children.

Only right education can break

the curse of ignorance.”


Ausar Jivan Mukta

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