First of all, self-preservation is linked to the biological survival instinct and adaptation.The individual organism has a self-leadership instinct or adaption for survival. The plant under water-stress develops special root systems to access water or thick cuticles to prevent water loss, e.g. the Cactus. The animal  with taxis capability moves about for food; and  it protects itself; e.g. the insect of great environmental adaptability is the Cockroach; and its activities  thus may be called Cockroach Self-Instinctive Leadership .




Secondly the individual having attained the stage of self-preservation  capability, assumes leadership responsibility for the protection of progeny, family, dependants and kin only. This level is appropriate for Mother Hen who toils for herself and her brood only; and this is Mother Hen Self-Instinctive Leadership .




Thirdly, the individual having passed the second level of consciousness, assumes leadership beyond self, family and kin but also embraces the community, district, region, country and beyond, and all inhabitants including all symbiots: plants, animals and the environment.This stage is Human  Leadership Consciousness.




Fourthly, when one attains the national human leadership consciousness and one is endowed with the capabilities of mind, compassion and universal love then one assumes responsibility for the whole world and becomes a co-worker with God to help take care of God’s creation. And that is Leadership in God Consciousness.




It must be noted that one becomes an effective leader at the 3rd level of leadership consciousness and one becomes a benevolent leader at 4th level of leadership consciousness.


  Ausar Jivan Mukta



ARF Editorial Comment: With these levels of Evolution of Leadership given to us by Sri Ausar Jivan Mukta, we should be able to assess ourselves as well as our Leaders, individually or collectively, on the Scale of Leadership Consciousness. It is sad to note that most of our leaders  operate  at the level of mother hen. In our next edition we will demonstrate the levels of Leadership consciousness from the Khemetic spiritual perspective and the 4 phases of the sun.

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