Messed Up by Religion: The Testimony of Pastor Hagins’

Transition from Christianity to Afrikan Consciousness

Hotep (Peace) Brothers & Sisters, 

My (birth) name is Ray Hagins.  My spiritual name is Sa Ra Ankh Hotep Maakheru Setep En Ra (which means “a son of God, who has been chosen by God to be a teacher of truth bringing (or giving) life and peace).” I presently serve as the Chief Elder and Pastor of The Afrikan Village (formerly New Ephesus Missionary Baptist) Church in St. Louis, Missouri. 

Many people have asked me about how I made the transition from a Pentecostal minister (who was “sold out” for the so-called gospel of Jesus Christ) to Afrikan conscious minister and warrior for the liberation of Black Afrikan people. After sharing my testimony with another minister, he suggested that I post the testimony of my transition into Afrikan consciousness on the Internet in hopes of inspiring other brothers and sisters who may be at the point of coming into an Afrikan awareness from the quantum deception of European philosophical and religious thought.  I pray that my testimony will help to strengthen and inspire others who are at the crossroads of right knowledge.

In 1987 I was invited to a meeting of about 25 Black men (educators, businessmen, community leaders, and 3 ministers) in my hometown of Paterson, New Jersey. I overheard one of the brothers say, "We need to get this European Jesus out of the minds of our people, and realize that the original Christ was named Horus." I couldn’t believe what I had just heard! Immediately, everything in me shut down and I went into “battle station” mode to “engage the enemy”.

I stepped over to this brother and said, "What do you mean Jesus' name was Horace?"  (I thought he was saying H-O-R-A-C-E.)  He responded, "It WAS Horus.  The first virgin-born, Christ-child was Horus of Egypt and the first record of his birth dates back to over 6,000 years B.C."

Well, I, (with my sincere, but ignorant self), stood in the middle of the floor and said, "Brothers, I am sorry to have to leave, but ANYBODY who refuses to accept Jesus Christ is a deceiver and is of the devil.  I rebuke you in the name of Jesus, and I plead the blood of Jesus in this place."    Now, understand, these were Black men who were aware of the truth of our Afrikan history, and I saw my own (Black) brothers as agents of Satan!!!  Now, did Euro-Gentile Cultural Imperialism and Supremacy (via my "Christian" training) do a job on me or what?

I left that meeting and actually declared war on these men.   I felt that it was my sacred duty to defend the gospel of Jesus Christ and warn as many people as I could about these Black men (who I genuinely mis-perceived as agents of the devil).  I did this for well over a year.

The 3rd Sunday in March of 1991, as I stood up to preach at my church in Paterson, NJ, just as I was about to read the text for the message (which was Romans 8:28) it seemed as though someone whispered in my right ear, "Did people know God BEFORE Moses went up on the mountain?"

ALL of my theology was based in Moses coming down off the mountain with the "Ten Commandments". I asked myself, “Did Moses have a God-consciousness BEFORE talking with God on the mountain?”

A few days later, during my devotions, I stumbled across Acts 7:20-22, which states: …And Moses was learned in ALL THE WISDOM OF THE EGYPTIANS, and was mighty in words and in deeds."I looked up the word "wisdom" (as it was used in that particular verse); it comes from the Greek word "sophia," which means, "skill and discretion in imparting the truth of God; the knowledge and practice of the requisites for godly and upright living; supreme intelligence, such as belongs to God; the wisdom of God as evidenced in forming and executing counsels in the formation and government of the world and the scriptures."  I said, WAIT A MINUTE!!!  Moses got THIS from the Egyptians!!!

(NOTE: Throughout my theological training I was taught that the Egyptians were barbaric, ignorant, enemies of and cursed by God).

Several days later, I picked up a book entitled, "Osiris & The Egyptian Resurrection" (Part 1) by E.A. Wallis Budge. The idea of an Egyptian "RESURRECTION" caught my attention.  I opened the front cover to the preface and came across the following words:"The central figure of the ancient Egyptian Religion was Osiris, and the chief fundamentals of his cult were the BELIEF IN HIS DIVINITY, DEATH, RESURRECTION, and absolute control of the destinies of the bodies and souls of men.  The central point of each Osirian's Religion was his HOPE OF RESURRECTION IN A TRANSFORMED BODY AND OF IMMORTALITY, WHICH COULD ONLY BE REALIZED BY HIM THROUGH THE DEATH AND RESURRECTION OF OSIRIS.”

I literally shouted out, "WHAT IS THIS?"  I immediately suffered what we psychologists call "cognitive dissonance."  I knew that this was EXACTLY what I had believed since I was a child and preached for almost 20 years, but the central figure of MY belief and message was a man called "Jesus Christ."  What really bothered me was, according to what I had been taught, Jesus Christ was the ONLY person about whom such a message applied.  Then when I read that this belief system had been with the Nile Valley Afrikans for at least the last 15 to 20 thousand years…I really lost it!!!  You see, any scholar of Christianity will tell you that Genesis 1:1 only dates back to 4,004 B.C.

Then, to top it off, I read about the Ancient Afrikan TRINITY; which consisted of Ausar, Aset, and Heru (which the Europeans renamed: Osiris, Isis and HORUS)!!!  I came to find out that Horus was the "virgin born, immaculately conceived" son of Osiris.  This led me on a sincere and intense search for actual undeniable evidence for the truth.

The more I researched, the more I realized that the entire program that I had been indoctrinated into was a LIE. In 1993, I decided to leave the ministry that I was so popular in and knew so well.  I simply could not, any longer, stand in front of my people and teach that which I had found to be a stolen, copied, plagiarized and European fabricated version of the ancient concepts of Afrikan Spirituality.

I met with the president of the seminary I graduated from, and asked him, “Why isn’t this information a part of the curriculum and course requirements for a degree in Sacred Literature?”  He said to me, “You don’t need to know about that.  Besides, it is not substantial data within the context of the mission statement of this institution.”  He had just told me, in a politically correct way, that I had been trained in one of the biggest LIES of all time and that I was supposed to perpetuate this LIE and train others in it.

My reason for sharing this testimony is NOT to "convert" anyone to African consciousness…but simply to let you know that since the European invasion and theft of our people from our Motherland, we Afrikans have been born and raised in the LIE of European Religious and Cultural Imperialism and we think we are walking in the truth (because it is all that we know)!  The religion that we have been made to love (Christianity), was forced upon us by European slave traders and those who enslaved us.  That alone should make EVERY Black man, woman and child be suspect about the slave master's religion.

Coming into a consciousness of your Afrikan self can (and probably will be) very painful for you. I must admit that it’s very painful being called "an antichrist" or "a messenger of satan" or "false prophet," etc., by your own people.  It hurts being MISUNDERSTOOD by your family, friends and loved ones, especially when they haven't done (nor are they willing to do) the research and/or learn what you have learned. Yet, in their minds, you are the one who is "deceived" and don't know what you are talking about.  Believe me, THAT HURTS.

The worse pain of all is when your family, friends, loved ones, and others misjudge you and firmly REFUSE to do their own research to see for themselves the basis of your information or if what you are saying is true or not.I have actually pulled books from the libraries of other ministers, turned to the proof or source of the information in question and said, "Here, man.  See for yourself.”  They would look away and say, "I don't want to see that

In closing, please understand, what God reveals to you, is for YOU!  I made the mistake of trying to take others along with me to the next level in MY development.  It doesn’t work that way!  Realize that if you choose to learn more, you may very well lose some of your closest friends.  You will want to take them to the next level with you, but realize that God is taking YOU there...not  y'all there.

I pray that this testimony is helpful to some brother or sister who is making their transition to Afrikan consciousness.  Stay strong, Brothers and Sisters, and always know that the Creator and the Ancestors are with you!*


ARF EDITORAL COMMENT:  A synthesis from the Ancient Ausarian Resurrection Drama of the Khemetian (Egyptian) Religion (Mystery System, including the Ausar-Auset-Heru trinity) and the Moses saga of the Hebrew Judaic tradition, which also took its roots from Khemet, together with the story of Jesus (whose official date of birth was also Ausarian), all this cemented by an Imperial Authority created the CHRISTIAN RELIGION (325 AD) lasting two millennia to this day. The institution called The Church protected the doctrine of the new religion with a canon of heresy such that whoever challenged the tenets of the doctrine was suppressed or put to death; and this ensured the survival of Christianity over the millennia. The Christian clergy trained in the synthesized doctrine is a victim of the LIE. And the laity: they are but children, innocent. Pastor Hagins has discovered the truth and taken up the crusade to spread the truth about the foundations of Christianity. The point the Pastor is making is that before each of us came to a higher consciousness and knowledge of the true of the origins of the Christian religion, we all believed the lie.

*Note: This Testimony has been edited, for full version see Nexus – Pastor Hagins’; Afrikan Villiage.

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