Under the Tab KALEIDOSCOPE is a vast array of knowledge and information from various sources that we at ARF believe are extremely vital, i.e., pertinent to the Afrikan Worlds development. In this edition you will find SHAKARI ON EDUCATION, a very powerful and timely essay on the cultural aspects of education. Then we present a unique outlook on the 4 LEVELS OF LEADERSHIP CONSCIOUSNESS.Under the tabDENIGRATIONS you’ll find derogatory quotes Europeans used to humiliate the black race causing us to be thought of as inferior across the globe. The importance of having a thorough knowledge of our Afrikan history is paramount and can not be over emphasised, so we have included THE WORLD'S BEST KEPT SECRET to drive this point home as well as emphasise the importance of developing critical thinking skills with which to evaluate and process all information. Definitely click on YOUR ID where you will discover the importance of a NAME. Under the tab DECEPTIONS you will find a powerful testimony from Pastor Ray Hagins: “Messed Up By Religion”.






From the black woman came the brown man


From the black woman came the red man


From the black woman came the yellow man


From the black woman issued the albino.


And yes, believe it or not  


From the black woman came the white man




So when you denigrate the black woman


You look down upon your progenitor.


When you snob the black woman


You insult your ancestor.


When you mistreat the black woman


You offend the primordial ancestress of the human race


And you kill your own soul.




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