Q: How did the ARF come about?


A:  A small group of Afrikan visionaries and sages having been moved individually and collectively by the Afrikan predicament resulting from lack of knowledge and stagnation have come together to form the Afrikan Renaissance Foundation to help bring about a conscious re-awakening, that is, a new thinking in the minds of Afrikan peoples for solving the multifarious problems plaguing the African continent and her populations.


Q: What is the ARF about?


A: The Afrikan Renaissance Foundation is an Afrika-based international non-profit network organization with the objective of bringing back the ancient wisdom-knowledge of Afrika to its peoples now and for future generations; and to promote the true knowledge about Afrika's vast contributions to world civilization and to help correct the distortions and falsehoods in world history.


Q: What type of institution is the Afrikan Renaissance Foundation?


A: The Afrikan Renaissance Foundation is a Non-profit International Educational Network committed to the dissemination of truth about Africa especially to the youth of Afrika and of Afrikan descent.


Q: What is the Afrikan Renaissance Foundation expected to achieve?


A:  When a people know their history, where they have been and what they have done, and they know who they are and what they are capable of doing, then they are better prepared to build their future. In essence ARF seeks to help rescue, reclaim, revive, reconstruct and review Afrikan contributions to civilization and humanity and to restore our Afrikan dignity and inspire Afrikan youth to seek the truth, through study and research  of all areas of Afrikan historiography.


Q: What are the benefits of becoming a member of ARF?


A: The benefit is self-knowledge which is key to restoring Afrikan dignity, as well as being a part of  making meaningful contributions to an Afrikan institution that is bringing about re-wakening of Afrika to Self- knowledge.  To be linked to a wide array of other Afrikan Centred institutions through our networking nexus. In addition, members will receive discounts on all ARF sponsored  programmes and products, e.g. books, newsletters, DVDs etc...


Q: How does one become a member?


A: One can become a member easily by registering on-line.


Q: How can one contribute to the ARF?


A: One can contribute to support the running and sustainability of the ARF in many diverse ways, such as cash donations, intellectual and professional inputs and by active participation in the programmes sponsored by ARF.

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