Stolen Legacy: Greek Philosophy is a Stolen Egyptian Philosophy

 By G. M. James

Review by Prince A. Cuba as a Foreword to the Book.

“It was Herodotus that stated: “Almost all the names of the gods came into Greece from Egypt. My inquiries prove that they were derived from a foreign source, and my opinion is that Egypt furnished the greater number...”Besides these which have been here mentioned, there are many other practices whereof I shall speak hereafter, which the Greeks have borrowed from Egypt...” (Herodotus, Book II...)

Herodotus, a Greek of the 5th Century B. C. E. is accorded the honour in most reference books, of being “The Father of History.” This honour is shared with honours, also misplaced, accorded to Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, et al. But with all that in mind, shouldn’t his words carry some weight on today’s campuses? After all, he wrote approximately 2,500 years ago that the early Greeks received their knowledge, wisdom and understanding from Egypt.

Despite the above quote, a course called “Western Civilization” is taught on most college campuses. Like the fiction it portrays as “history,” it might be more aptly named “Creative Writing,” or even more accurately as “The Propaganda of European Intellectual Supremacy as an ideological Foundation for World Domination.”

Stolen Legacy by George G. M. James is a weapon; and ideological weapon. It is the ideal book to refute the Euro-centric myth that the origin of Western philosophy is Greek. The author leaves no stone unturned in proving his thesis. And it was a great ground breaking thesis, originally published in 1954. This book led to a radical reappraisal of a philosophical system long thought to be of European origin. Taken at face value, and taken by the masses for granted, because it was taught in every educational faculty and university, it would have taken a scholar to reveal the concealed truth. Mr. James was that scholar. You won’t be able to find a single Ph. D. who can refute the central thesis of this book. The research is impeccable, the logic concise and the facts clear.

The facts as reported by Herodotus in the opening quote of this Review, are not in the book by Mr. James. Many of us knew from other sources the truth of the matter. And for that same reason, most of us did not analyze the Greek philosophers. Mr. James did. People like Herodotus serve as independent collaboration of his thesis. But since most of us don’t read Herodotus or Manetho, Mr. James wrote the book for the layman. You don’t have to be a scholar to read or understand his book. While many of us are in the know, or have “knowledge of self,” merely find a confirmation in this book, its importance is in its relevance to the layman or the student forced to undergo the orthodox, substandard, mis-educational system in this and other countries.

In his own words the author says: “Had it not been for this drama of Greek philosophy and its actors, the African continent would have had a different reputation, and would have enjoyed a status of respect among the nations of the world. This unfortunate position of the African Continent and its peoples appears to be the result of the misrepresentation upon which the structure of race prejudice has been built, i.e. the historical world opinion that the African Continent is backward, that its people are backward, and that their civilization  is also backward.”

Because the African origin of revealed philosophy was concealed, many of us rejected our own legacy. I described this book as “ground breaking” because today, 46 years later, we are still reaping the benefits of Stolen Legacy and its radical challenge to orthodox academia: The Greeks were not the authors of the philosophies they are credited with, but worst, (in the eyes of the Euro-centric Philosophy Departments), it was Africans that were the originators.

To his credit, the author not only clearly presents and dissects the problem but he offers a solution in the form of a “New Philosophy of African Redemption.” I don't know anything about Mr. James, the person, but  it is easy to see behind the scholarly text, a subtle, but consistent Garveyite. Many here in the wilderness of North America know of Garveys' repatriation program of the 1920's; but how many know that while he left ideological heirs here, it was in his native Jamaica that his scepter was picked up by the Rastafarians who hailed him as a prophet (as indeed he was). This can be reflected in the Rasta slogan of the early 1970's: Repatriate your mind."

So whether it's "Repatriate your mind," or "have knowledge of self," or as written in the ancient Egyptian temples "Know thyself," the message is the same. Learn why the author says that Africans, "...must relinquish from all Greek lettered fraternities and sororities...They must abolish all Greek lettered fraternities and sororities from all colored  [sic] colleges because they have been a source of promotion of inferiority complex and of educating the Black people against themselves."      

This book should be in the family library for the up-and-coming gereration before they go to college. It is an ideological weapon tempered to cut through the thickest lies. They stole your legacy. You must reclaim your own.

(... The above is a reprint of a Book Review for Your Black Books Guide, Vol. 1 Number 9, July, 1990).

The author concludes his great works by positing, “Now that it has been shown that philosophy, and the arts and sciences were bequeathed to civilization by the people of North Africa and not by the people of Greece ,the pendulum of praise and honour is due to shift from the people of Greece to the people of the African continent who are the rightful heirs of such praise and honour.

This is going to mean a tremendous change in world opinion, and attitude, for all people and races who accept the new philosophy of African redemption, it is the truth that the Greeks were not the authors of Greek philosophy; but the people of North Africa; would change their opinion from one of disrespect to one of respect for the Black people throughout the world and treat them accordingly.

It is also going to mean a most important change in the mentality of the Black people: a change from an inferiority complex, to the realization and conscientiousness of their equality with all the other great peoples of the world, who have built great civilizations. With this change in the mentality of the Black and White people, great changes are also expected in their respective attitudes towards each other, and in society as a whole.”

Editorial  emphasis by ARF

Note: This book can be downloaded from the internet.


ARF Editorial Comments: It would not be surprising if academia in African Universities find it difficult to accept the truth Mr. James brought forth to the world that Khemetic Egypt (Pharaonic Egypt) for over 7,000 years 525 B.C. was Black and African; when they do, we hope the African Universities  will have the courage to take the next steps toward developing new curricula especially in the areas of Historiography and Afrikan Classics (Khemetology), to correct the centuries-long falsification, deception and concealment of the Truth.

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