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SIGNS AND SYMBOLS OF PRIMORDIAL MAN: The Evolution of Religious Doctrines From The Eschatology of the Ancient Egyptians 




“As many have desired further information than was given in our monograph, connecting Freemasonry and the Signs and Symbols thereof, and the analogy of the same to the Eschatology of the Ancient Egyptians, we have devoted much time and study to bring forward full proofs of our contention, more especially as hitherto there have been so many contradictory opinions and theories in the attempt to supply the origin and reason, when, where and why the brotherhood of Freemasonry came into existence, and all the “different parts” and “various rituals of the different degrees.” All that has been written on this has hitherto been theories, without any facts for their foundation, and although in the “higher degrees” of Freemasonry, Christianity, or a belief in the same is insisted upon, yet in their Symbols, forms, ceremonies, P-words, Signs and Symbols, almost all are pre-Christian, and that which is not has been brought on by evolution into Christian ideas or some form of the same but it belongs to the most ancient part of the Ritual, as we have clearly shown and demonstrated throughout this work; time and evolution being the only factors which have made the apparent difference and although it may give a shock to the religious susceptibilities of those who have never studied the past, but have taken as absolute facts that which has been written “according to” for history, yet, if these people will devote a little time and trouble to the study of the same, they cannot arrive at any different conclusion than we have.




Facts and history are one thing; theories and “according to“ are another, and it is for this reason that the present work has been written. The contents of this book will prove the very origin of all our signs and symbols, and how there have been brought on through the Stellar, Lunar and Solar Mythos to the Christian doctrines: proofs which are founded upon facts, all written on stone or papyri, that are open to all to read if they so desire. Then we have entered into a description of primary man; his thoughts, ideas and myths, and the Totemic ceremonies of the various tribes throughout the world to show at a very early period they were all one and universally the same, having one home Egypt, from whence all sprang. We have shown how the exodus spread over the world, when the Ancient Egyptians had worked out their Stellar Mythos: and how this was carried, N, S, E, and W. At the present day there are various native tribes still practicing these ancient rites, and where inter-communication has been limited we still find them in their primitive form. All their Totemic ceremonies and customs are the same, and although we have excellent works of Spencer and Gillen, giving many details of these at the present time, no one has hitherto traced them back to their origin in Egypt.




We have therefore felt it a duty to enter into and bring forward all the proofs of this, feeling confident that in the future other workers will have less difficulty in deciphering the whole history and truth of the past, now we point out to them that the Key of the Door which discloses the archives is the Primordial and Ritual of the  Ancient Egypt, without which you cannot enter; therefore, except one knows and understands the Primordial and Ritual of Ancient Egypt, it is impossible to trace back the history of this world-the history of all religions, and the history of all mankind, and that which is attached thereto. Knowing this, we venture to say that all students will, for the future, have no difficulty in treading the right path and not be wandering off into blind lanes which lead nowhere. They will trace primitive man from here in Egypt, and the exodus all over the earth.




The ossified remains of these little people will prove what we have brought forward to be correct and the actual living Paleolithic people may still be found in some parts of the world. We have shown that they have a belief in the great spirit-have the commencement of a mythos, and from this we trace the development through and up to the Stellar Mythos, which we have shown existed also all over the world, and is still found and practised by the aboriginal natives of all countries at the present time, and although the meaning of this customs still practised amongst them, in Egypt we find the key. As this Stellar Mythos was and is, as far as native tribes are concerned, universal, it must have had one common origin, and that was Egypt. It is only by carefully studying what is still extant, and we contend that there is sufficient, that we can come to any positive conclusion upon the highest question of the primordial history and origin of our race. Following the laws of development, research has led us to bring forward such evidence, as furnished by the records and monuments of the nations of the world, where we find the same signs and symbols, the same myths and legends, the same sacred ceremonies and identical religious beliefs, which when correctly interpreted proves that only one conclusion can be infinitely arrived at, which we have set forth in this work-viz. That the first or Paleolithic man was the Pygmy, who was evolved in Central Africa at the sources of the Nile or Nile Valley, and from here all originated and were carried throughout the world...”




Churchward, Albert, SIGNS AND SYMBOLS OF PRIMORDIAL MAN: The Evolution of Religious Doctrines From The Eschatology of the Ancient Egyptians, A & B Publishers Group.  Brooklyn, N.Y. 1994. (Orig. 1913). P. 1-3



ARF EDITORAL COMMENT: Mr. Churchward is very succinct and forceful in his convictions  about the origins of  religious symbols which  he traces  to primordial man of antiquity. It is critical at this juncture in history that the world knows, more importantly the Afrikan world, that all beginnings began in Afrika and all vestiges of religious thought had their beginnings in Afrika before spreading to the rest of the world. This fact alone should cause Afrikans to stop and think seriousily about their religious orientations and cause them to go  back to the true orgins of it all. If this should happen it would create a united force amoung us that would spark the needed the Afrikan Ressurgence. Just think about it.

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