THE AFRICANS WHO WROTE THE BIBLE: Ancient Secrets Africa & Christianity Have Never Told

By Nana Blanchie Darkwah, Ph.D

 "That which is called the Christian religion existed among the ancients, and never did not exist, for the beginning of the human race until Christ came in the flesh, at which time the true religion which already existed began to be called Christianity." (1) St. Augustine, Retractions




“…The Beginning of it all was Ancient Egypt, land of the Blacks; this was the geographical setting and birth place of Theosophy or, the philosophy of religion. Ancient Egypt was also the birthplace of the myths, legends, concepts and stories that found their way into the bible. The Ancient Egyptians created the concept of religion complete with gods and sacramental practices with which to interact with these gods… Jewish (Hebrew) scholars of the Bible perceived every Ancient Egyptian writing as inspired by God so they were willing to take and include anything and everything they could lay their hands on from the Egyptians.”


From the Introduction of the book:


“Christianity had just entered its third millennium, and on Sunday, March 12, 2000, Pope John Paul II used his traditional Sunday Mass to apologize for the sins and atrocities of the Church against peoples and cultures around the world for the past two thousand years. From historical evidence, the sins of the Church are numerous. However, the worst lie and sin of the Church was the premeditated transformation of the racial and ethnic identities of Jesus Christ, his mother and the entire people of the Bible from the black people they were to white people, to satisfy emerging European racist sentiments against black people. This made it possible for Christian Europe to perceive black people who created the concepts, doctrines, and sacramental practices that eventually became the foundations of Christianity as the cursed ones by the very God black people imagined, created and personified. It made it possible for the Church to authorize Europeans to enslave black people because they were pagans. It made it possible for ignorant Europe to perceive black people as inferior and white people as superior. It also made it possible for Europeans to go to Church to worship a God that was created by black people and then come home to perpetrate the worst atrocities on black people that were their slaves. Worse of all, this made it possible for Christian Europe and Europeans to justify all the atrocities they were perpetrating against black people, the original people of the Bible, as ordained by God.

All these did not happen because the Church did not know that the original people of the Bible were black people. The church has known this as long as it has known the mother of Jesus to be the Black Madonna of the Church since the past two thousand years. My point is the continued lie in Christianity about the black heritage of Jesus Christ and the people of the Bible has been the most atrocious and worst sin of the Church and Christianity in the past two thousand years.

The early apostolic fathers of Christianity and the Church know of many things that they did not want Christian masses to know about the background history, content, and people of the Bible. As a result, the very design of Christianity was based upon protecting the Bible from the lay masses. Until the Reformation, therefore, the Bible was secretly guarded and its content was known to only a few in the Church. Because of the perceived need to protect the Bible from the masses, the earliest design and practice of Christianity was based upon placing a cadre of priests between the Bible and the people. These priests were secretly trained and taught to teach the Bible only in the manner prescribed by the Church. Even when the Bible became available to the masses, Christianity still argued that the Bible is so complex that the lay masses would not understand it so they still needed trained people to interpret the Bible to them. This was again intended to control the interpretation of the Bible based upon the secrets early apostolic fathers did not want the masses to know.

Because the development of Christianity was based upon many things that the apostolic fathers did not want the masses to know, interpretations of the Bible that began in Western Europe and was propagated around the world through Christianity have been based upon some serious falsehoods and false assumptions. Numerous European scholars have known and written about these falsehoods and false assumptions in the foundations of Christianity. For example, in Volume 1 of The Natural Genesis: A Book of the Beginnings, Gerald Massey (1883) called the story and practice of Christianity the legendary lying lore.

Most people have heard the lingering and persisting rumour that Jesus Christ was a black man. However, nobody has ever heard of any evidence proving or disproving this assertion. Some people want to believe it but they do not have any basis for establishing such a belief, yet the rumour lingers in their minds. Two things make this linger and continue to persist in the minds and imagination of people. The first is the fact that the Jewish people claim that Jesus was a Jew. However, these Jewish people look like white people. Based upon the skin colour of Jewish people today, the assumption has been that Jesus was white. Nevertheless, if Jesus was a white man and someone asserts that he was a black man, the Jewish people who claim Jesus was one of them should question and challenge such an assertion. Yet, they have been silent over this important issue for almost two hundred years since European scholars began revealing that the people of the Bible were actually black people, and that Jesus was truly a black man. This silence on the part of Jewish people is in itself a form of an admission that Jesus Christ was in fact a black man.

The second reason that keeps this assertion lingering in the minds of many people is the fact that Europeans designed Christianity around the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Christianity has propagated the life and teachings of Jesus and portrayed him in all images around the world as a white man with blonde hair, blue eyes, and white skin. If anyone come behind all these to assert that Jesus Christ was in fact a black man, this person is in fact calling Christian Europe and Christianity a lie. As a result, Christian Europe and Christianity should be able to question or challenge such an assertion in defence of their integrity. Yet, Christian Europe has also been silent over this issue just as the Jewish people have been. What is even more intriguing about this is that whereas Christian Europe’s earliest portrayal of Jesus was the image of a black man, there is evidence that Christianity has quietly and slowly transformed this image into the image of a white man. That makes us suspect that there must be some truth in the assertion that Jesus was a black man, after all.”


Darkwah, Nana Blanchie, THE AFRICANS WHO WROTE THE BIBLE: Ancient Secrets Africa & Christianity Have Never Told. Aduana Publishing Book, Arizona, U.S.A. 4th Printing 2005. P. i-ii.


ARF EDITORIAL NOTES: Nana Darkwah’s research has provided him with substantial evidence to support his claim that the Akan people of West Africa were among the original people who wrote the Bible.  On the subject of the racial identity of Jesus in  relation with Jews today, it must be noted that most of the true Jews had been exterminated in Europe and that  only a few  white-looking and a few black Jews are around today; it must also be noted that over the millennia Jews  are identified with the people among whom they lived. In addition, it is high time Afrikans woke up and came into the knowledge of truth that the Christ and the essential  doctrines of the Christian Bible are rooted  in African traditions. (Click on BLACK FACTS, then DID YOU KNOW? For More on the Black God).  You can find more information on Nana Darkwah’s works


(1) Freke, Timothy & Gandy, Peter, THE HERMETICA: The Lost Wisdom of the Pharaohs, Tarcher/Putnam, New York, 1997. P. 20.


In 1984, at the Nile Valley Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Charles Copher, professor of Old Testament at the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, discussed the role of Egypt and Ethiopia in the Old Testament. He stated the following:

In the King James and Revised Standard versions of the bible, the word “Egypt” (Mitzraim in Hebrew) along with cognates, occurs some seven hundred forty (740) times in the Old Testament. The word translated Ethiopia and/or Cush (Cush in Hebrew) along with cognates, and including three instances of duplication in references, appears fifty-eight (58) times; “Cush” (untranslated) with cognates, nineteen (19) times. The numerous references to Egypt led one Old Testament scholar to remark, ‘No other land is mentioned so frequently as Egypt in the Old Testament’…


Browder, T. Anthony, NILE VALLEY CONTRIBUTIONS TO CIVILIZATION. The Institute of Karmic  Guidance, Washington D.C., 1992.  P. 95


ARF EDITORICAL COMMENT: Based on the research cited above it  is evident that the majority of events recorded in the Bible took place in Afrika.  It is also evident that Europe that adopted the Judeo-Christian religion is never referred to in the Bible. But Egypt and Ethiopia which refers to Afrika as a whole is referred to numerous times. Afrika gave rise to the Hebrews (Jews); Afrika gave rise to the bible, Old Testament and New Testament alike. The New Testament stories were written in Egypt. In fact, in the first book of the Bible, Genesis in the second chapter verse 13 it is written: And the name of the second river is Gihon [Nile]: the same is it that compasseth the whole land of Ethiopia [Afrika]. Let us be clear that the above is the biblical description of the Garden of Eden where God first created and placed the Black man; the original man of planet earth.

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