First and Foremost, All Praise and Honour To The Great Hidden One Amen and the Neteru(Divine Energies) for Life. To our First Ancient Deified Ancestors Ausar, Auset, Heru, Maat, Tehuti and the Great Ennead of Divine Energies (Gods & Goddesses). We acknowledge your Eternal Presence as the Guidance and Inspiration for this work. Your spirits live on within us.


To All Our Honourable and Esteemed Ancient Afrikan Ancestors, Known and Unknown, Named and Un-named, who have gone before us and upon whose shoulders we proudly stand. Were it not for you, there would be no us. Your Lives were not lived in vain as we seek to follow your footprints left in the sands of time.

To those Honourable Souls, Afrika's Foremost Freedom Fighters; Scholars, Visionaries and Sages who have lived among us, leaving the Legacy and Blueprints for the Inter-generational continuum  toward our collective destiny. Your names are etched in our hearts and we are forever grateful for your Superior Scholastic Research, Collective Vision and Commitment to Teach Ourstory and Reveal the Truth:

Prof. George G. M. James, Dr. Carter G. Woodson,  Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop, Dr. Ben Jochannan, Dr. John Henrik Clarke,  J.A. Rogers, Drusilla Dunjee Huston, John G. Jackson, Chancellor Williams, Neely Fuller, Ivan Van Sertima, Dr. Amos Wilson, Lestorvelt Middleton, Barshango Ishakamusa, Dr. Asa Hillard, Dr. Charles S. Finch, Jacob H. Caruthers, Bro. Ankh Mi Ra, Marcus Mosiah Garvey, W.E.B. DuBois, George Padmore, Hon. Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X., Dr. Khalid Muhammad, Patrice Lumumba, The Honorable Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah & Dr. J. B. Danquah.

To those still among the living who are still carrying  the torch:  Dr. Karenga, Anthony Brower, Marimba Ani, Merira & Ashra Kwesi, Ronok Rashidi, Wade Nobles, James E. Brunson, Carol Barnes, Dr. Joyce Leary, Akua Cheika, Ayi Kwei Armah, Naim Akbar,  Theophile Obenge, Wayne Chandler, Dr. Richard King, Dr. Frances Cress Wellsing, Prof. James Small, Dr.'s Leonard & Rosalind Jefferies, Naim Akbar, Indus Khamit Kush, Moustafa Gadalla, Muata Ashby, Ra Un Nefer Amen, Mwalimu Baruti, Minister Farrakan, Dr. Ray Hagins, Dr. Jewel Pukrum, Queen Afua, Master Teacher Maulana, Bro. Bobby Hemit & Rev. Phil Valentine, Robin Williams, Les Henry & The UK Posse. All of whom have stood as our modern day Pharaoh’s providing Supreme Standards of Excellence, examples of Good Leadership, Guiding the Black Race in the Forward March Toward Total and Complete Liberation.  

And to those Countless  Un-known and Un-named Ones who lived and  died for Afrikan Liberation may your Souls know Perfect Peace, Knowing that your Children have benefited much for your lives' work for Afrikan people.


We extend a special Honour and Acknowledgement to all those Afrikan Liberators whose scholarship has been used in presenting this website to the Afrikan World. Your contributions have been enormous and our children the world over will have access to and know of your great works. We have instituted this foundation for that purpose; that Our Children and Our Children’s Children will through you come into the KNOWLEDE OF SELF. 

"The Ancient Afrikan Tradition of Acknowledging and Honouring  Our Esteemed and Worthy Ancestors, helps us remember who we are and where we come from, keeping us grounded and connected to our roots."

With Great Gratitude and Sincerity from the Founders of The Afrikan Renaissance Foundation.


Goddess Z. Auseti

Corresponding Executive

Prof. G. Sodah Ayernor Ph.D.


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