The Afrikan Renaissance Foundation is an Afrika-based international non-profit educational network  organization with the objective of bringing back the ancient wisdom-knowledge of Afrika to its peoples now and for future generations.

A small group of Afrikan visionaries and sages having been moved individually and collectively by the Afrikan predicament resulting from lack of knowledge and stagnation have come together to form the Afrikan Renaissance Foundation to help bring about a conscious reawakening, that is, a new thinking in the minds of Afrikan peoples for solving the multifarious problems plaguing the African continent and her populations.


The vision of the Afrikan Renaissance Foundation is to bring about a global re-awakening of Afrikan peoples for knowledge and self-knowledge spanning from pre-history through several millennia to the modern era, recognizing Afrika’s Ancestral contributions as the creators of civilizations, i.e., astronomy, astrology, philosophy,  religion, mathematics, natural science, medicine, architecture, agriculture, metallurgy, the art of governance, etc. It is therefore imperative to urge Afrikans to arise again to re-create and improve ourselves for survival with dignity and to continue to contribute to the wellbeing of humankind. In summary “to rescue, reclaim, revive, reconstruct and renew Afrikan contributions to civilization and humanity to restore our Afrikan dignity.”



The Afrikan Renaissance Foundation aims at bringing back self-knowledge to Afrika based on the Ancient Khemetic Wisdom-Traditions of Truth and Knowledge represented by Maat and Tehuti as The Way of moving Afrika forward into the 21st Century. Central to the mission of this Afrikan Rebirth is the promotion of Godman Consciousness on to God Consciousness - the driving force of KamAu – the Black Godman – as our Khemetian Ancestors knew themselves – the spirituality of the Mystery Religion which our Ancient Khemetian Ancestors gave to the world. At the heart of the Ancient Mystery Religion was the psycho-spiritual system of development (initiations) of evolving human beings to become God-like. Our main objective being to Teach the Youth the Truth. In order to bring about the realization of our mission, strategic programs of intervention are mounted on sustainable basis, and these include the following:



Promoting and disseminating existing Afrikan scholarship and their Literary Works. As well as encouraging and supporting the new scholarship and literary genius in our youth in the area of Afrikan historiography spanning from pre-history down through to the modern era, to make known the many accomplishments and contributions Afrikan Peoples have  bestowed on mankind from the dawn of civilization.


Inspiring Afrikans World Wide to vigorously seek and obtain the true knowledge of Self that was lost throughout the millennia; and helping to correct distortions and falsehoods in history.


Promoting Academic and Professional Excellence, especially in the feilds of science, technology and engineering.


ensuring that we are the record keepers of our own history (that our story is told from our perspectives) creating the necessary spark to ignite a Global Afrikan Renaissance and Renew the needed Race Pride of the Global Afrikan Family.


Nexus Linkages and networking with organizations of similar interests and sympathies.


 (including but not limited to the following)  

·         Educational Programmes on Khemet.

·         Afrikan Languages and Linguistics.

·         Science and Technology.

·         Research and Publications.

·         Arts and Culture.

·         The Afrikan Way of Purposeful Living.

·         Youth Development Programmes.

Where possible, programmes are handled directly or through supporting agencies, organizations and advocacy.

YOU ARE INVITED TO JOIN US! To Rescue, Reclaim, Revive, Reconstruct & Renew Our Afrikan Dignity

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